My musical journey started when I joined the band in 6th grade, making beats in the back with the other drummers. It got me through college as I taught myself how to sing harmony everyday in the car on the way to school. And now, soaking in the culture of Berlin has allowed my imagination to dig deeper in terms of instrumentation and music production. 


My new project is an expression of who I have found myself becoming since making the move to Berlin. I feel as though now I am able to express myself more accurately with a deeper level of concentration on production, sound, and performance. I am excited for the release of each song, as there is a world within each of them that provides more space to explore who I am, and gives the listener a peak into my life.  


Happy listening :)



Press Release: TURN INTO DUST 

Independent Berlin artist KelseyBrae released her fourth single of her upcoming EP on Friday 29th of January. This follows the release of ‘Shrinking In' in May, "Steady" in August, and "This Is It" in November. 

"Turn Into Dust" is a track that explores what happens when one gives up on pursuing dreams too early. We all eventually have the same fate- returning to the dust, and giving up might just mean we accept this fate too early. We will face challenges and go through trials; we just need to decide who is going to win. Will we come out stronger and keep pursuing our passions and dreams? Or will we turn into dust before our life comes to an end?

This release continues the reveal of KelseyBrae's 5 song EP, "Even When I'm Not Ready." This project incorporates dark cinematic elements, synth sounds and orchestral beats with lyrical themes that dance around inner strength and doubt, confidence and insecurities, which makes for a complex yet relatable musical expression.


KelseyBrae is a Texan born artist who moved to Berlin in 2014 to explore a new sound and songwriting. This is part of her second EP release following her 4 track debut release ‘Only’ in 2018.