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All about "This Is It"

I wrote THIS IS IT back in September 2019. I kept finding myself being upset about the same thing over and over and I finally decided "This Is It." I wrote the song to bring some closure into my life, but the more I played the song it turned into a, "I can do this" anthem. Now, when I sing this song, I feel strength- confident in my ability to choose good things for my life and to say when enough is enough.

This song is about choosing to close the door on the things in life that you CAN control. Whilst sweet at the beginning, there is a shift towards a strong resolution; a declaration of moving on to bigger and better things with the increasing musical intensity illustrating the desperation and power of the lyrical message.

In a year like 2020, "This Is It" encapsulates where we need to heal and what we need to focus on to keep moving forward.

I hope it brings you a bit of comfort, peace, and motivation.

Stay safe,


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