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KelseyBrae in collaboration with 'Jail Sessions' & Art Helps

Updated: May 5, 2020

I was invited to participate in brand new project called Jail Sessions, which took place in an old jail in east Berlin. The project had a couple purposes; One to create something beautiful in a place that was dark and filled with dread, the other to have commentary on social distancing and isolation during the season of Corona lockdowns.

The project was also created to raise awareness with Art Helps, who is hoping to bring some attention to refugee camps in Berlin. To learn more about all of those things, check out the links to the individual pages.

This was more than a concert. It was an experience. I have never performed in a setting like this before. While I was singing, I was able to really feel a connection with the music, and ironically, or maybe even purposely, feel peace. I sang two songs that I have never done before, and these were special because there was more of a free form about them. I didn’t have a set song structure, and was able to sing in a more improvisational style. I have not done that in a while and I feel as though it has awoken something in me to be more free.

Local German TV station called RBB was there to report on the project and I am excited to say that I was featured on the segment! To see me, click HERE. To see the Jail Session live, head over to their Instagram page. There are still several weeks to go with more artists and musicians in the line up. Sessions start at 17:00 Berlin time.

Much Love & Stay safe!


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