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New Song Alert! Shrinking In to be released 22 May.

Today I am happy to announce the release of the first song on my next EP!

SHRINKING IN is set to release everywhere online on May the 22nd. I am excited to share this track with you because it is the unveiling of the new direction of sound I have found myself leaning toward over the past year or so here in Berlin.

Imagine: Big drums, deep synth bass and of course, dreamy vocals. 

Another reason this song is so important to me and for me to share with the world is that it's a commentary on mental health. I wrote this song about avoiding conflict, something that I was really wrestling with at the time. I think that it is important to talk about how we are doing mentally with people that we trust, and I am hoping that this song will encourage us to do so in these times more so than ever. More to come on this later...

There is also s bit of a hidden message in the art itself. Can you spot it? Any ideas? 

Looking forward to sharing more about this song in the coming days :)

Much Love & Stay Safe.


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