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Recap: Live Stream Benefit Concert

I was asked to do a live stream set for The Nine: Songwriters Series that is based in D.C. back on June 5th. As we all know, that was in the middle of protests for George Floyd and the Black Lives Matter movement.

I decided that it would be a good idea to ask for donations for a local Houston organization, since that is where George was from, and where I lived before moving to Berlin. Together we will donate $50 to a charity in Houston! Thank you for your donations, no matter the size.

George's death was closer to me than other brutal killings of Black Americans because he knew friends of my friends that live and work in the 3rd Ward of Houston. I am once again awakened to this reality, and ask forgiveness from my black friends because I have not been actively fighting for your equality. Moving forward I want to be fighting with you, so don't hesitate to contact me to share some ideas, books, petitions...etc., so I can keep educating myself and people around me.


This was my first live stream experience in which I was able to use my electronic set up. It was pretty complicated to configure, so thank you to my friends that really helped me out! I had someone on lights, someone on sound, and borrowed some equipment that made it possible to hear and see it all on the screen. This has given me the confidence to do another live stream event- so maybe soon I can perform again for you all. See you then!

Click here to watch the replay (it recorded sideways!)


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