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The Story of Shrinking In

It was a year ago, April 12, 2019 that Shrinking In was written.

I wrote this song sitting at a table in one of my favorite cafes in Mitte. I was always writing at home and one day I thought, “I wonder if I can do this in a cafe?” So I went to a place I knew I would be comfortable, ordered a coffee and got to work. I already had an idea floating around in my head, but wasn't sure where the song was going to go. But as soon as I started writing, the lyrics just poured out from the pen like they were waiting for me to just have a moment with them alone. 

I was going through some roommate drama and wasn't sure what to do. As I wrote this song, I understood more about why it was so hard for me. The theme of the song is about avoiding conflict. The conversations I was having were difficult and taxing on my mental space. I know everyone deals with conflict, and avoiding conflict, so I can imagine that you can understand where I am coming from. Also as an fyi, the living situation cleared up and we are all happy and living in different places now :) 

One thing that is important to me is writing down the date that I write text. No matter if it turns into a song or not, it is a great time stamp. I looked back through my photos and it turns out that I even took a photo of this moment in the cafe, with the journal that holds this song. The text reads, “Songwriting in a Cafe. Let’s see if this works.” Guess what, it did.

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