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Today is Bandcamp Day!

Today I'm releasing some music on Bandcamp! So many concerts and gigs around the world have been canceled and we are spending more time at home which means supporting local Berlin musicians can only happen through buying their music online. Today Bandcamp is giving 100% of the revenue to the artists without taking a fee, which means today is the day to check out my page and bring the tunes into your home!

The uploads will be limited to today only and I'm featuring an exclusive recording from my upcoming project which I'm excited to share with you 😊️

Exclusive downloads available on Bandcamp today! **A special 24 hour release of my new song “Turn Into Dust” **A collection of 4 self produced songs for a songwriting challenge **2 live recordings: Just Be (extended version) and Church Bells acoustic piano version **My very first CD release from 2016 titled “Portrait of a Man” (5 songs) **Only Ep- celebrates 2 years in a couple weeks. 4 songs.

Find them at www.kelseybrae.bandcamp.com

Thanks for your support during this time. I am gearing up for my next EP release, but already have written two songs in the last few days at home.

Stay Safe & Much Love.


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